Study Abroad Seminar Leads Group Of Colleges Noshera Virkan Campus

Leads College Nowshera Virkan Campus took a significant step in empowering the dreams of local students by organizing a highly informative and interactive “Study Abroad Event” on 9th July, 2023. The event aimed to guide and enlighten students about the never-ending opportunities available for higher education overseas so that they can improve their future with high education abroad.

The event took place at the Leads College Nowshera Virkan Campus and witnessed an enthusiastic turnout of students having the yearning to explore the world of international education. College staff, faculty members, and professionals having the ample knowledge and research in studying abroad were present to assist and provide valuable information on the matter.

The “Study Abroad Event” featured various components, including:

  • Expert speakers delivered informative sessions on different aspects of studying abroad, including how difficult or easier it can be of choosing the right country and university, how to get scholarships and funding, student visas process, and the application process.
  • Well-known representatives from various foreign universities and educational institutions were present to answer queries and provide information on different undergrad and graduate programs.

The event hosted workshops focused on preparing students for standardized tests like IELTS, TOEFL, and GRE. Attendees were also guided on scholarship options and financial aid packages such as how to get fee waivers for international students.

The Leads College Nowshera Virkan Campus management aimed to bridge the gap of local students’ urge of studying abroad by providing them with a platform to access essential information on the queries they always had for studying abroad.

Mr. Syed Aftab, College administrator said,

We want to guide our students toward a future bringing a lot of possibilities. The “Study Abroad Event” is just one step in our journey to ensure they receive a holistic educational experience.”

The event received unwavering support and feedback from attendees and will undoubtedly encourage many competent students to explore international study opportunities. Leads College Nowshera Virkan Campus is dedicated to fostering academic growth and opening doors to endless prospects.

Leads Group has always been supporting their campuses in futuristic event like these, that bring the opportunities to walk with the world. Stay connected for more events like these.

Naidah Aqeel,

Director Colleges, Leads Group

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