Know Us Better

About Us


For over a decade and a half, LEADS Group of Colleges has been a ray of hope and educational excellence. We’ve created a strident legacy in the subjects of commerce, science, Arts, Humanities, and computer sciences, nurturing minds and fostering innovation. As the fastest-growing educational network, LEADS has become synonymous with undoubting quality and trust in education beyond the horizon.

Approved by a vigorous infrastructure, a team of passionate educators, and cutting-edge resources, LEADS Group of Colleges is well-equipped to educate, train, and empower students with the knowledge and skills required for a progressive journey toward success. Join us at LEADS, where the future is carefully crafted, and dreams become reality. 

Our Vision

To produce leaders for the nation through a holistic development of individuals by providing sound knowledge, higher analytical ability, and commitment to generous service and respect for the Nation. We aspire to foster a community that embraces creativity and innovation

Our Mission

An innovating, welcoming and enterprising institute engaged and committed to excellence in education, research, creative activities and community partnerships. It dares to be different and draws on its diversity to transform the individuals and the society.

Our Objectives

To make students independent learners and confident to meet the challenges throughout the world.
To maintain the level of excellence and standards in all programs that will give a national and international significance to students.

Our Values, Core Beliefs

  1. Committed to provide high quality education, fostering academic excellence
  2. Encourage and promote activities that help you get success
  3. Ethos of support, encouragement and empowerment
  4. Support achievements, distinctions and to appreciate the potential of students.
  5. Committed to ongoing self-assessment and improvement to adapt to changing
    educational needs and trends.

Our Book of Commitments

  1. Strong emphasis on quality education
  2. A commitment to providing high-quality education and rigorous academic
  3. A promise to celebrate the achievements and contributions of alumni,
    maintaining lifelong connections with them.
  4. A commitment to promoting innovation, research, and critical thinking,
    encouraging students and faculty to push the boundaries of knowledge.
  5. A dedication to instilling ethics, integrity, and responsible leadership in students,
    faculty, and staff.

Our Franchise Model

  1. Collaborative Partnership.
  2. Comprehensive Training.
  3. Quality Assurance.
  4. Transparency and Open Communication.
  5. Continuous Improvement.
  6. Long-Term Vision.
  7. Celebration of Success