ICS (Physics, Math)

Program Category
Course Duration
2 Year
On Campus

Intermediate in computer science is one of the widespread subjects across the globe. Leads provide quality education under the supervision of professional and subject-specific teachers. Ics in Physics and Math is the amalgamation of two subjects in which students will learn fundamental laws, problem-solving skills, algorithm and data skills, numerical skills, and logical thinking. These modern subjects shape student’s mentality and prepare them for future endeavors.

ICS is an educational program designed to prepare students for further studies and careers in the field of IT and related technical disciplines.  Teaching and learning of the ICS program at Leads Group of Colleges is specially designed for students to achieve bright careers in multiple fields of IT. A student must acquire a matriculation degree to start ICS. The following are the compulsory subjects of ICS:

  • English
  • Urdu
  • Islamic Studies
  • Pakistan Studies

Students can opt for these combinations in ICS:

  • Stat - Math - Comp Science
  • Physics - Math - Comp Science
  • Stat - Eco - Comp Science
Eligibility Criteria Education Age
  At least Matriculation (or)/ O-Level (according to the program)

The admission process at the ‘Leads Group of Colleges’ under their exceptional education system (ICS) is a comprehensive and transparent procedure. The college places a strong emphasis on academic excellence, character, and diversity.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the criteria for admission to ICS?

Students who want to aspire to learn the practical application of the knowledge of pure sciences can get admission to ICS after obtaining a matriculation degree. For further details, visit the proposed campus.

What are the subject-wise marks for ICS?

In ICS (Maths, Physics), students study 6 subjects in both parts 1 & 2. The subject-wise breakdown of marks for ICS is as follows:

  1. English (Compulsory) = 100 Marks
  2. Urdu (Compulsory) = 100 Marks
  3. Islamic Education (Compulsory) = 50 marks (Part I only)/ Pakistan Studies (Compulsory) = 50 marks (Part 2 only)
  4. Mathematics OR Economics= 100 marks
  5. Physics OR Statistics= 100 marks
  6. Computer Science = 100 marks

The same subjects are studied in ICS part II.

What careers students can pursue after completing ICS?

After completing your ICS, you can choose from a wide range of career choices whichever attracts you the most. Examples include:

Software Engineering


Electronics Engineering


Space Sciences


Computer System Engineering

Robotics, Embedded Systems & Control Engineering

Artificial Intelligence

Information Technology

Fields related to Physics

Fields related to Computational Physics

Fields related to Mathematics & more.

What are the total marks of ICS?

ICS is a two-year program in parts with 550 marks each year. Thus total marks of ICS are 1100.